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     All our fruits, meats and vegetables are bought locally from Ontario farmers. Only high quality meat, fish, vegetables and fruit are used. Our food is freshly prepared on site by our qualified staff. Our meal time is treated as a social experience for the children and allows them to enjoy new tastes and textures. Royal Yorkleigh menus reflect the diversity of cultures that our city exemplifies.


     All food is prepared with the age of the child in mind. Factors considered when prepaing a meal for a child are most importantly their current chewing and swallowing capabilities. Fresh, healthy, and well-balanced meals are prepared on a daily basis. Royal Yorkleigh emphasises the social aspect of meal time. The children sit at a table of small groups with a staff member at each table eating with the children. Conversation is encouraged and RY staff ensures that each child at the table has an opportunity to take part and enjoy new and familiar meals.


RY Vegetable Garden


     We have designated indoor and outdoor vegetable gardens which have been designed for the children to grow their own vegetables. The process of planting, growing and harvesting the vegetables creates a deeper appreciation and liking for these foods. This allows children to learn nurturing tendancies as well as allowing a closer bond to nature and the land in an increasing technological age. 

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