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Royal Yorkleigh Child Care Centres aim to offer the highest quality early childhood education for children from birth to 5 years and we strive to keep your children safe and happy whilst in our care. Our class sizes are deliberately kept small to allow for the maximum interaction between the children and the qualified, experienced staff. We create an environment where your child can thrive from their interactions with stimulating, educational toys, puzzles, games and learning sessions tailored around their development. We regularly pay walking visits to the local public library, weather permitting. We transit to local attractions such as Riverdale Farms, High Park and Horse Capades during the warm months.

We welcome and encourage parent visitations so you can meet our staff, observe our learning environment and be confident in our ability to care for your child. Our open, approachable environment makes it easy for your child to feel safe, to learn, to grow, and above all, to have lots of fun.


     We like to think of ourselves as different from most other child care services. We are serious about educating children and delivering the highest quality programs for our families.


     Our childcare centres  provide a basis for the types of activities available for the children and the  kind of attention they will receive in our care. Our core belief is that growth is a  sequential and orderly process, and that each child has a personal pace and a unique way of developing physically, emotionally,  socially, and cognitively. It is the role of the caregiver to build on those  things children are able to do in each of the growth areas by creating a rich environment and encouraging children to play. Children are encouraged to be  creative problem solvers through the provision of challenging activities, adults  who are active listeners in a warm, safe and accepting  environment.

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We have implemented stringent, frequent and enhanced  cleaning of the Care Centre. Our procedures go above and beyond the requirements of the Provincial Government. In addition. except for staff and the children we provide care for (and only after successfully passsing our rigorous Screening Assessment and temperature check) no individuals are permitted in the Centre. 

           Night Care

RY Childcare Centre offers "Night Care" for all the parents who work late hours. If interested or have any inquiries, please contact us and ask about our "Night Care" program.


This service is especially aimed at Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Transit and Airport personnel.


Spaces are limited!!!



Before & After Care PLUS!

For school aged kids we now offer B&A care. You and your kids can enjoy the same level of loving and professional care, security and attention even after the kids graduate to elementary school. In addition we provide full day care when required on such occasions as professional development days and school vacations.

More Coming Soon!


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